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AMU Faculty of Political Science and Journalism offers undergraduate (B.A), postgraduate (M.A.) and doctoral (PhD) studies.

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Undergraduate programmes (B.A.)

National Security

If security issues are your passion, then you’ve found the perfect course! National Security studies will prepare you for work in special services, inspections or guards. With us, you will expand your knowledge of the military and non-military threats in the modern world.

Journalism and Social Communication

If you dream of being a career journalist, media expert, a specialist in online marketing, advertising or public relations, this is the perfect place for you! We offer you studies, during which many classes will take place in the TV and radio studios.

Political Science

This specialisation will show the rules of the big politics. Political Science opens up many employment opportunities from work in political marketing to a political career.

International Relations

Studying International Relations can teach you the mechanisms of the global economy, commercial law and business negotiations. It is an ideal course for anyone thinking about a career in diplomacy.

Public Governance

Do you dream of a career in public institutions at a managerial or executive position in the public sector? If so – join us and choose this unique course!

Postgraduate Programmes (M.A.)

National Security

If you have graduated from National Security or related sciences, this is the perfect opportunity for you to expand your knowledge and skills in the broad sense of security.

Journalism and Social Communication

Continuation of Journalism and Social Communication studies is a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge and acquire new skills in journalism and a broader aspect of social communication.

Political Science

Postgraduate studies in Political Science is a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge through interesting and practical specialisations.

International Relations

If you are a graduate of International Relations or related subjects, this is the ideal major for you! It will be a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge of international relations on unique specialisations such as The Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Public Governance in English

The purpose of the Public Governance postgraduate programme is to provide students with the knowledge and skills they will need to find employment in state administration bodies and institutions involved in local social activities (NGOs), political (local government entities) and business (business institutions and enterprises) life.

Journalism and Social Communication programme in English

The program is designed to provide students with practical skills of communication in different fields of professional activities including journalism, public relations, and marketing communication, with special focus on the new media, as well as to expand and deepen their knowledge on processes of social communication.

PhD Studies

Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies are dedicated for those, who would like to pursue an academic career in the field of political studies.

Postgraduate courses

AMU Faculty of Political Science and Journalism offers a number of postgraduate courses. More information can be found at