Social Scholarship


  • Each student can apply for the scholarship.
  • Material and social situations are taken into account.
  • A student who permanently resides outside of Poznan may apply for an increased scholarship for living in a Student House or other facility allowance.
  •   A student scholarship can only be awarded for one of the courses indicated by the student.
  • The social scholarship is awarded for the academic year (from October to June) in the amount, no lower than 140 PLN, which is the basic rate of the scholarship.
  • An accommodation allowance is granted in the amount of 130 PLN for each eligible person.

Rector's scholarship


  • It is awarded to the top 10% best students in each major.
  • You can apply for this scholarship after accomplishing the first year of study
  • First year students who are laureates and finalists of The Science Olympics can also apply for a scholarship.
  • You can only receive a scholarship in one major.
  • The scholarship is awarded for the whole academic year (from October to June) and is paid monthly.



  • Grant is a form of ad hoc, a non-repayable benefit for a student.
  • A student whose material situation has suddenly worsened, due to an unexpected event, may apply for the grant
  • A student can receive the grant no more than twice a year.
  • Up to 1000 PLN.


Special scholarship

Special scholarship for students with disabilities *

  • It is necessary to provide a valid confirmation of disability, either a certificate or an equivalent of an incapacity for work document issued by competent bodies.
  • A special scholarship for disabled students may only be awarded for one of the courses indicated by the student.
  • Special grants for people with disabilities are granted for the academic year, but for no longer than to the end of the validity period of the degree of disability confirmation.
  • In the amount of 300 PLN.



Our University offers all students from abroad a place in one of five Dormitories, all in great locations, close to academic campuses. The University signs a one year academic agreement with the student. This means that the contract expires at the end of June (the end of the summer session).

  • You have until 20th August to apply for a place at a student house.
  • You can apply for a place in any of the 5 university’s dormitories, each with a great location.
  • The place is granted for the whole academic year.



Cost: 340-475 PLN / month

The BABILON Student House is located in a very quiet, green area. It is just one tram stop away from Poznan city centre. The building is fully equipped with WI-FI. Single, double and triple occupation rooms are available, equipped with a fridge and basic furniture. The “BABILON” house has laundry facilities, drying room, bicycle garage, gym and study rooms. Shared kitchens are great centres of integration for students of different nationalities.


Cost: 440-470 zł / month

The house is located on ul. Nieszawska in Poznan, near the Poznań Wschód train station. It is very well connected with most AMU departments. The biggest advantages of this area are the peace and quiet. The ten-storey building houses single, double and triple occupation rooms (total 303 places). On each floor, there is a laundry room, a drying room and a kitchen. The gym is located in the basement. Residents can use the EduRoam network. The dormitory also has facilities for people with disabilities. In  facilities equipped with bathroom and kitchen, students with mobility disabilities may live with their carers. Also, there are 5 rooms which have been adapted for other types of disabilities.


Cost: 415-595 PLN / month

The Jowita Student House is located near the main train station and a large public transport hub. Single and double rooms are available. The dormitory offers laundry facilities, drying room, bike room, gym and study rooms. Jowita has 3 double rooms adapted for the needs of people with limited mobility. The building is equipped with WI-FI and is also home to the Student Government Office.


Cost: 425-600 zł / month

The Zbyszko and Jagienka Student Houses are located in the centre of Poznan. These are modern residential complexes that accommodate double and single rooms (also adapted for people with disabilities). An additional advantage of these dormitories is the peaceful surroundings and the green environment, offering a friendly atmosphere of spending time with friends or learning outdoors during the exam session.


Hanka Student House is located in the heart of Poznan, on al. Niepodleglosci 26. It is one of the oldest dormitories in the city. In 2015, the general renovation of the building began. As a result of the planned modernisation, students will receive high standard single and double rooms with bathrooms, as well as, accommodation for families, including four two-bedroom apartments. The renovated Hanka Student House will feature a modern theatre room and a multipurpose room for rehearsals, conferences and lectures, along with a garden and an elegant foyer. The ground floor will include a library styled restaurant. There will also be a Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance, a modern gym, recreation and sports facilities and offices. The Hanka dormitory in Poznan will remain the seat of the Maska Theatre.

* Applies to international students holding a Polish Card